Candidate Charter - 121 Recruitment

At 121 Recruitment one of our core values is to treat candidates with respect at all times. As part of this commitment we are upfront and transparent in all of our dealings. An essential part of this is putting you at ease by outlining exactly what our recruitment process is and what you can expect from us.


Our Recruitment Process and commitment to you:

  1. We receive a new role from one of our clients.
  2. If you apply for the job or are registered with us, and we feel you could be a good match for the role, we will contact you to discuss the position.
  3. If we’re both happy to proceed with the application, we will send your CV to the client (please note we will never forward your CV without your permission).
  4. If you apply but are not quite right for this job, we will acknowledge your application and with your permission will keep your CV on file for future opportunities.
  5. If the employer wants to interview you, we will meet you beforehand or arrange a telephone call to prepare you fully.
  6. If the employer does not want to interview you, we will contact you with feedback and keep your CV on file for other opportunities.
  7. Following your interview with the employer, we will contact you with feedback, be it positive or negative. We would also appreciate your feedback from the interview.
  8. If the employer wishes to arrange a second interview, we will brief you again before the interview.
  9. If the interview process is successful, we will contact you with a request for references (and proof of eligibility to work in Ireland for non-EU citizens) and pass these onto the employer.
  10. If you are the successful candidate, we will contact you with a proposed offer from the employer.
  11. If you are an unsuccessful candidate, we will contact you with full feedback from the employer and keep your CV on file for other opportunities.
  12. If you receive an offer and are happy to accept, we will forward you the contract or ask the employer to send it to you directly.
  13. Once you have started your new role, we will contact you within a couple of weeks to discuss how you are settling into the job.

What we ask of you:

  1. To provide honest and accurate information at all times.
  2. To let us know if you have applied for this job through another recruitment agency.
  3. To honour any commitment made to attend an appointment with us or a client company.
  4. To provide as much notice as possible should you be unable to attend any arranged appointment.
  5. To treat information shared in a confidential manner.
  6. To afford us and our clients the same level of professionalism and respect that we strive to give you.
  7. To inform us and keep us updated if you are involved in any other job application process. Don’t worry – this isn’t a problem.