Career Dev. Training Courses - 121 Recruitment

Many people find the job search, CV and interview process challenging. Our Career Coaches provide a service which includes CV development, interview skills training and job searching techniques including the use of social media such as LinkedIn. As no two candidates are the same we will help you create an individually tailored plan to best prepare you for the job application process.

Our CV & Letters of Application Development sessions include the following:

  1. Professional Letters of Application
  2. CV development
  3. Executive CV development
  4. Building your LinkedIn Profile
  5. Reviewing/Improving your LinkedIn profile

The CV Development Service which we offer consists of two sessions.

Session 1

A detailed discussion about your qualifications, experience and career plans. How to develop your CV which shows your attributes, skills and experience in the best light.

Session 2

We will have a mock-up CV which has been tailored specifically for you. We then will review this CV with you and agree on any improvements or clarifications which need to be made. Also 2-3 letters of application depending on your requirements. Both your CV and letters of application can then be used by you as templates for future job applications. After this session you will be given both hard a soft copies of your new CV and letters of application.

If you would like to discuss any of the above options further please contact John on

Call 083 327 1520


Our Interview Skills training consist of 2 sessions.

Session 1.

  1. Preparing for the interview
  2. First impressions
  3. Interview types and contents
  4. Questions you might be asked and how you might respond
  5. 2nd round interviews
  6. Closing the interview
  7. Going the extra mile

Session 2

  1. A mock interview with feedback session. This interview can be put on video for future review if you wish.

If you would like to discuss any of the above options further please contact Diarmuid on

Call 083 327 1520